Dental emergency? Don't panic!

Our dental emergency service, by appointment only, provides fast pain relief and answers all your concerns. In addition to providing care for our regular clientele, our center reserves daily spaces for dental emergencies open to all.


When should I consult?

Pain, a broken tooth, an abscess… these are all reasons to consult us. In fact, if you notice a change in your oral health, we strongly advise you to seek the advice of our dental emergency service: prompt attention generally improves the success of treatment.

The most frequent reasons for consultation include :

  • dental or oral cavity pain
  • dental caries
  • dental abscesses
  • sensitive wisdom teeth
  • gum pain
  • dental or prosthetic fracture
  • trauma

In the event of trauma resulting in the complete or partial loss of a tooth, don't throw it away! Rinse it with water without rubbing it, store it in milk and consult your dentist without delay.


Our Service

The Centre Médico-Dentaire Balexert has a competent and qualified team on hand for dental emergencies, to provide you with rapid relief. Further dental treatment can be continued under the usual conditions, with an appointment at our center or with your usual attending dentist, for whom we will then draw up a consultation report.

Trauma and dental accidents: priority care!

Dental traumatology is the discipline that deals with accidents causing damage to teeth and their supporting structures (bone and gum).

Dental trauma is as common in children learning to walk as it is in reckless teenagers and adults involved in contact sports.

A good initial reaction from the injured person or his or her entourage, followed by appropriate professional care, are decisive for the prognosis of affected teeth.

Thanks to the size and accessibility of our center, we regularly treat trauma cases.

Our team is regularly trained in dental traumatology, notably by the dental trauma centers of the Universities of Basel and Bern, which are the benchmarks in this field in Switzerland. We apply the treatment principles recommended by these centers.

At our center, trauma is always a priority. The injured person will be seen even without an appointment. If indicated, treatment will be given immediately. For less urgent traumas, it may be possible for the patient to be treated a few hours later, with all the time and attention required for proper care. In order to welcome you in the best possible way, we would nevertheless ask you to let us know that you are coming by telephone.

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