Cosmetic dentistry

Wellbeing and self-confidence thanks to a dazzling smile!

The aesthetics of a smile depend on several factors:

  • quality of teeth
  • their position and alignment
  • gum health
  • teeth colour

What is a cosmetic dental treatment?

Cosmetic treatments have an influence on the form, colour, position, and teeth supporting tissues. Their aim is to:

  • Restore a natural smile that has deteriorated
  • Improve the natural aspect of an initial unsightly smile

All cosmetic treatments must be functional and without any over-treatment.

What are the different dental cosmetic treatments available?

Most cosmetic dental treatments are available to everyone and include the correction of congenital dental defects or due to an accident using composite resins or fixed prostheses, improvement of tooth colour by whitening, replacement of missing teeth by dental implants or removable prostheses, as well as the correction of dental abnormalities affecting the position of teeth by orthodontics.

Our philosophy

At the Balexert Medical-Dental Centre, we perform all cosmetic dental treatments, while guaranteeing the best possible function and by privileging the most conservative approach possible without over-treatment. All dental cosmetic care is conducted to the highest level of ethical standards.