Oral medicine and oral surgery

Oral medicine or stomatology is the specialty that studies and treats different non-dental medical conditions of the oral cavity: conditions and infections of the oral mucosa and jaws, orofacial pain, and dysfunctions related to the masticatory apparatus.

Care consists of documenting the medical and dental history of the patient, performing a detailed clinical examination of the oral cavity and complementary examinations if necessary: medical imaging, biopsy, biological and bacteriological investigations... to establish the diagnosis.

After information given to the patient, therapeutic measures in oral medicine can include prescribing different pharmacological agents, performing a surgical act, or physiotherapy sessions. Many stomatologic conditions usually require a long-term follow-up.

Our centre benefits from the expertise of Honorary Professor Jacky Samson, former director of the Division of Stomatology and Oral Surgery of the University of Geneva, whose reputation goes well beyond the frontiers of the West Switzerland region.