Gum ball

Swelling of the gums is a frequent reason for consultation, and is usually associated with oral infections or abscesses.

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The symptom

They are commonly described by patients as a ball appearing on the gum.

If you experience this kind of symptom, make an appointment with a dentist in Geneva CMD Balexert.

Abces dentaire

Visual appearance

They appear as a blister on the gum, sometimes fluctuating in size, with a whitish fluid that may drain spontaneously or on self-examination. Pain is not always present, sometimes fluctuating, and may even disappear overnight, often after the liquid inside the blister has drained away. Appropriate clinical management is systematically essential to avoid, even insidiously, the continuation of the process.

This swelling has two main causes:

Infection dentaire

The dental cause

Located opposite a broken, decayed or restored tooth, it indicates the presence of a localized dental infection that drains through the gums.

Abces dentaire

The periodontal cause

Located in front of a tooth, it indicates the presence of an infection of the tooth’s supporting tissues (gum, bone, desmodontal ligament), which are degraded by bacteria.

However, there are some special cases where swellings are not at all associated with teeth, such as salivary cysts, the after-effects of trauma or bone swellings (torus). Although often benign, it’s important to have them examined by a dentist to reassure you as to their nature.

What’s more, pregnant women are more likely to develop gum disease (gingival inflammation, abscesses, etc.) due to the altered oral balance during pregnancy. In the event of gingival symptoms (bleeding, pain, swelling, etc.), they are therefore urged to consult their dentist immediately to agree on the appropriate treatment for their stage of pregnancy.

Plaque dentaire et tartre

When faced with this sign, remember that the most important thing is always to consult without delaying treatment. Your dentist will be able to diagnose the problem as soon as possible, and will be able to offer you the best possible information and treatment.

Care for this problem

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Gum treatment

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