Center Médico-Dentaire Blandonnet

A second center to welcome you.

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In order to offer our patients maximum availability, we have opened this new center in Blandonnet. Benefit from the same quality of treatment, the same practitioners, the same technology and above all the same ethics.



Centre Médico-Dentaire Blandonnet
2, chemin de Blandonnet, 12 14 Vernier
+41 22 979 22 22
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  • 7am to 9pm weekdays,
  • 8am to 4pm on Saturdays,
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Getting to CMD Blandonnet

To make your visit easier, here’s some useful information on how to get to the Center.
The center is served by a number of bus and streetcar lines, and also has underground parking nearby.

The center is located in the heart of the city.