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Optical impression


Intraoral optical impressions are an excellent tool used increasingly in dentistry. Center Médico-Dentaire Balexert offers this cutting-edge technology to its patients.

This type of impression replaces the traditional technique… the optical impression camera eliminates the need to use conventional impression materials (paste put into patients’ mouths).

Empreinte optique

The optical impression camera is an instrument linked to a scanner that films and records the dental impression, instantly creating a three-dimensional (3D) model on the design software installed on the practitioner’s computer.

Empreinte optique

How does it work?

The optical impression is made using an intra-oral camera connected to TRIOS digital image processing software.
After isolation of the area to be recorded (saliva suction/cotton/saliva screens), the camera is inserted into the oral cavity to make the video.

Actually, there are 2 possibilities for proceeding after optical impression recording. Firstly, it is possible to carry out certain procedures “chairside”, meaning that the procedure is completed in a single session/appointment. During this session, the various steps will be carried out: preparation → optical impression → digital modeling → machining → trial → final cementation.


Then, for other procedures, the optical impression is taken first, and after the time needed to plan or make the part has expired, the patient is seen again at a second appointment for explanations or final sealing.