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Center Médico-Dentaire Balexert bases its pricing policy on the recommendations of the Swiss Society of Dentists (SSO).

Centre Médico-Dentaire Balexert

Prices applied in our center

CHF 1.13.-

Point value for general dentistry

CHF 1.05.-

Point value for orthodontic treatment

CHF 3.10

Point value for Lamal, accident or Hospice Général cases

SSO dental tariffs

  • It contains over 500 treatment-specific benefits. A certain number of points is set for each of these benefits.
  • The price in francs (CHF) of a service is equal to the multiplication of this number of points by the point value of the dental center.
  • The average point value in the canton of Geneva is currently between 1.00 and 1.20
  • .

  • By choosing its point values at 1.13 for general dentistry and 1.05 for orthodontics, Centre Médico-Dentaire Balexert offers its patients dental services at a fair cost.

Some examples of fees below.

CHF 130.- to CHF 350.-

Full dental check-up (approx.)

CHF 150 to CHF 200

Hygienist appointment (approx.)

From CHF 220.00

Caries treatment (approx.)

CHF 450.00

Gutters and "Home bleaching" product

From CHF 3200.00

Implant and crown placement

CHF 150.00

Medical hypnosis treatment preparation session


During your first visit, payment is made on site in cash or by credit card.

For the rest of your treatment, in order to guarantee a transparent pricing policy, your dentist will normally provide you with a detailed, personalized estimate.


  • To ensure that every patient has access to top-quality oral care, payment facilities are available (interest-free payment arrangements).
  • Patients receiving SPC (Service des Prestations Complémentaires) benefits or social services are asked to indicate this when registering, and to obtain the necessary supporting documents.