Dental chairside DVD screen

Your visit to the dentist can become much more pleasant...


All our treatment rooms are equipped with DVD screens for your use. Our little patients take full advantage. The distraction offered by a cartoon transforms what they see as interminable treatments into a much less anxiety-provoking routine, and helps to soothe them. Adults will also find it at their request a way to forget the possible stress of the dentist or allow them to relax in the chair.

traitement orthodontique pour adultes à genève

This technology also offers you the means to regain control over your body. In fact, these screens are there if you wish, to let you visualize your oral situation using intra-oral cameras. You can also see what your carer is diagnosing, and can discuss treatment options, with every step of the treatment visible, as well as the final result. Concretizing our care allows patient and dentist to communicate better, build a relationship of trust, and often reduce anxious feelings.