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The use of dental dam

Traitement des caries à Genève dans le Centre Médico-Dentaire Balexert

The dental dam is a silicone surgical drape that temporarily creates a barrier between the tooth to be treated and the rest of the oral cavity. It is synonymous with the quality of dental treatments insofar as it offers a seal against salivary contamination, and therefore a better long-term prognosis for the treatments carried out.

It is used – in children as well as adults – in many circumstances, such as composite resin reconstructions (caries care, for example) or endodontic treatment. It is also necessary when removing old dental amalgams, to avoid the patient
ingesting mercury particles.
ingestion of mercury particles (a component of the amalgam alloy), which are released during removal.


Before/After Photos

Applying the dam is completely painless.

It will be done after application of anaesthetic gel followed by local anaesthesia, and the shape of the small “rings” that come to encircle the tooth (clasps) will be adapted to the size of the teeth and the patient’s comfort (possibility of choosing between metal or softer plastic clasps). It can be removed at any time during the treatment with a simple gesture on the part of the patient and non-verbal communication with our dental assistants and dentists, who will remain attentive to your needs.


It is of course possible to adapt its use and placement for our more anxious patients or for our smaller patients to avoid any form of anxiety during care.