Loss of a crown, post or bridge

The visible part of the teeth, above the gum line, is called the natural dental crown.

dentiste expert dans la réparation des couronnes, pivot ou bridge


However, when the natural dental root has been severely damaged, an artificial dental crown can be placed in the mouth to preserve the natural dental root. Artificial dental crowns can be simple or, in the event of complete decay of the natural dental crown, can be combined with a post (metal rod). This is known as a pivot.

Similarly, when one or more teeth are missing, bridges over natural teeth can be made to fill the gap. These are attached to the teeth adjacent to the gap.

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couronne dentaire

Natural dental crown


Artificial dental crown

Pont sur dents naturelles

Dental bridge

The causes

The loss of a crown, post or bridge is referred to as loosening, and there are many causes for this, such as :

Care for this problem

Prothese fixe

Fixed dentures

Implant dentaire

Dental implants

Your comfort

Empreinte optique

Optical impression

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State-of-the-art CEREC system