Dental implants in Geneva

Implants dentaires à Genève

Dental implants provide multiple tooth replacement solutions :

  • The replacement of an isolated tooth
  • The filling of an empty space between teeth (2 or more teeth)
  • The extension of a shortened dental arch
  • The creation of a prosthesis in a partially or completely edentulous jaw
Implant dentaire

What is a dental implant?

The dental implant is an artificial root, resembling a screw, which is integrated into the jawbone and onto which a prosthetic structure (crown, bridge, etc.) is attached. It is made of titanium or titanium-zirconia, the most suitable materials today, thanks to their high strength and excellent biocompatibility with bone (no allergic reaction from the body). Under the right conditions, bone binds directly to titanium/titanium-zirconia, ensuring excellent osseointegration.

Our world-renowned main supplier Straumann AG ensures traceability and warranty of all their products.

Dessin d'un implant dentaire

What are the prerequisites for dental implants?

Although dental implant treatment has become an everyday procedure that is very well tolerated by patients, certain risk factors can compromise the success of dental implant treatment. These must be identified and assessed before treatment begins

To ensure optimal conditions for success, the following conditions are recommended:

  • Good general health: absence of medical contraindications to implant placement (risk of endocarditis, organ transplants, radio-/chemotherapy localized on the maxillary bone…)
  • Good oral hygiene
  • A complete oral check-up with sanitation accomplished: before considering tooth replacement, it’s vital to treat active oral problems (cavities, periodontal disease…) to avoid potential loss of other teeth
  • No smoking: smoking more than 10 cigarettes a day increases the risk of failure

On the other hand, there are no age-related contraindications. Dental implants can significantly improve patients’ quality of life, and can be performed at any age.

Implant dentaire dans une clinique de Genève

How is an implant placed?

Dental implant placement is generally performed in a single surgical operation. It’s a routine, usually painless, chairside procedure performed under local anaesthetic, but it nevertheless requires experience, rigour and precision. The procedure rarely lasts longer than 1 hour, and generally does not require time off work.

After tooth extraction, our center generally offers implant placement several weeks after tooth extraction, in order to work on healed gums and better assess bone healing. However, immediate implant placement on the same day as the tooth extraction can sometimes be envisaged if the tooth socket is not inflamed and the bone stock is preserved.

Illustration d'un implant dentaire

When are dental implants loaded?

A healing period must be observed after dental implant placement, to allow bone and soft tissue to heal. Placement of a prosthetic structure (crown, bridge, etc.) on dental implants generally takes place 6 to 12 weeks later, to guarantee stability and durability of the work.

Pose d'un implant dentaire

How long do dental implants last?

Dental implants are virtually wear-free, and their lifespan does not depend on their strength.

Long-term maintenance of implants requires good oral hygiene and regular professional care. Because implants are inserted into the jawbone, they behave like a natural tooth root, and can be affected by infection, known as peri-implantitis. The absence of infection is therefore the most important criterion for long-term success.

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