Dr Fabien Hauser

Languages spoken:

  • English
  • French
  • Physician and Doctor of Dentistry
  • Doctor of medicine and dentistry
  • Medical director
  • SSO certificate of postgraduate training in oral implantology
  • European title of professional excellence in oral surgery
  • Former Senior Assistant in the Division of Stomatology and Oral Surgery at the University of Geneva

Fabien Hauser, who graduated in Human Medicine from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Geneva in September 2002, completed practical internships in Austin (Texas), Paris and Sydney, and then practiced as an internal medicine physician in the General Internal Medicine Departments of the Cantonal University Hospital in Geneva and Fribourg. He obtained his doctorate in 2004.


Following this, Fabien Hauser pursued a further three years’ training in Dentistry in Geneva, graduating in 2006. He then combined omni-private dental practice, with additional post-graduate training in stomatology and oral surgery as well as clinical research. His work culminated in a Doctorate in Dental Medicine from the University of Geneva in 2011.

He was Assistant Professor in the Division of Stomatology and Oral Surgery at the University of Geneva from 2011 to the end of 2013, where he continued his research activities and participated in pre-graduate teaching.
Fabien Hauser has given several lectures at international conferences and is the author or co-author of several international scientific publications.

In order to meet the ever-increasing demands in the field of implantology, Fabien Hauser obtained the SSO certificate of post-graduate training in oral implantology in May 2013.

The EFOSS (European Federation of Oral Surgery Societies) has developed a specialization training course in oral surgery based on national and international standards to guarantee quality treatments adapted to the current technological level. Fabien Hauser successfully passed the various exams and was awarded the European title of professional excellence in oral surgery in October 2014.

He also participates in the development of surgical instruments with renowned Swiss industrial firms.

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