Fear of the dentist

Every day, many patients confess to being afraid to consult or simply make an appointment with a dentist.

Dentiste enfants

Bad memories, a strong vomiting reflex, various phobias… are among the most common causes that stress and discourage patients. At our Centre Médico-Dentaire Balexert, we do our utmost to offer our patients a pleasant, reassuring and welcoming care environment.

Medical hypnosis can help you!

Hypnose Balexert

We believe in a holistic approach: the patient is taken care of for his or her oral problem while respecting his or her psychological feelings.
In our view, attention to the whole person is necessary for acceptance, compliance and successful care.

Medical hypnosis is one of the tools some practitioners make available to our patients to improve the comfort of dental care.

This technique helps us to accompany patients through their care, taking into account their dental problem without forgetting their personality, their fears and above all their needs.

Dentiste enfants

How do you combine hypnosis and dental care?

In our daily practice, hypnosis can be used in different circumstances: emergency care and preparation for care.

In the first case, we use hypnosis techniques to achieve relief of the oral problem as quickly and effectively as possible.

In the second case, we establish a treatment plan in collaboration with the patient based on their request in order to resolve or improve their feelings for future care.
Several sessions will be scheduled by the practitioner depending on the problem to be treated.

With these hypnosis sessions, the therapist aims to provide his patient with the basics and keys to self-hypnosis, so that he can be autonomous in the dental context and, why not, in other circumstances too.

Practitioners who can deal with the problem


Dr Sara Hauser-Casamenti


Philippe Ruchti