Extra-oral traction

His goal: to set back the teeth of the upper jaw

How it’s fixed: removable (removable) – fixed in the mouth on two rings sealed to the upper molars

Instructions for use and inconveniences :

  • To be worn for an average of 14 hours a day (as soon as you’re at home) and removed only to eat, drink or brush your teeth
  • To be worn all night – sleep in the usual position, without worrying about it.
  • Don’t eat sticky sweets
  • Maintain systatically the external arch when removing or attaching the neck band
  • Never attempt to remove traction without detaching the neck band
  • Risk of cheek irritation, to be resolved with wax application
  • Risk of sensitive molars in the morning, proof that the treatment is working well

Hygiene: thorough brushing of teeth and especially of the two bands and the gum in contact with them

Please note! It's imperative to bring the traction to every appointment!