The fixture

Its purpose: to align and mesh teeth to restore an aesthetic smile and functional bite. The fixed appliance consists of brackets bonded to the teeth and connected by a wire. The brackets are located on the inside of the teeth.

The constraints to be taken into account during fixed orthodontic treatment in order to have rapid treatment are as follows:

  • Dental sensitivity to chewing
  • Do not eat sticky foods and do not bite directly into hard foods
  • Don’t bite anything: nails, pens, etc.
  • Don’t peel or break anything
  • Risk of cheek and/or tongue irritation

Dental hygiene

  • Brush teeth after every meal with a soft toothbrush with a small head.
  • Use an interdental brush to pass under the floss 1x/day, in the evening

Please note! If a ring becomes detached, even if there is no discomfort, please contact us!