Nitrous oxide sedation


Fear of the dentist” (dentophobia) is still very present in today’s population, despite the systematic use of local anaesthesia during dental treatment. Conscious sedation by gas inhalation (nitrous oxide) represents an excellent alternative to relaxing premedication before dental treatment or to general anesthesia.

Protoxyde d’azote

Conscious sedation with nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, can improve patient well-being by reducing anxiety and facilitating quality care. This technique can also be applied to certain children. However, full cooperation from the patient or child is essential to ensure its success. A good candidate for nitrous oxide sedation is a patient who is frightened but willing to be treated.

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Nitrous oxide sedation is simple to use, with a slight reduction in the level of consciousness but no abolition of judgment. Its rapid induction and elimination, with no delayed accumulation in the body, guarantee a high level of safety.

Our center has several practitioners well trained in the use of nitrous oxide conscious sedation.