Our orthodontists

  • Recognition of the post-graduate curriculum through the state specialist title

All our orthodontic specialists have this solid background (4 years of post-graduate training), which has culminated for each of them in the state specialist diploma in orthodontics.

You may not know it, but orthodontics is a specialization of dentistry for which the 4-year post-graduate training course followed by the state diploma is highly recommended, but not compulsory! Also, many dentists practice orthodontics without the specialization title, i.e. without mastering the field of expertise since they stopped at their basic dental training. Many orthodontic training courses are spread over a few months or weekends. These courses in no way allow you to master the subtle art of the discipline.

Choosing an orthodontic specialist who has this 4-year post-graduate training ensures that you will receive proper care based on scientific studies. On the other hand, the title of specialization also assures you of correct and fair care, also from an insurance point of view (LaMal or A.I.). It is also necessary to have this title in order to validate the coverage of orthodontic treatment by disability insurance, when the patient corresponds to the granting criteria.


Dr Jihane Ayass


Dr Clara Fontinha


Dr Christophe Guedat


Dr Vysnave Varatharaju