Tooth whitening: are you happy with the shade of your teeth?

Today, a bright smile is an important communication and seduction asset. Professional teeth whitening allows you to enhance your smile in complete safety.


Why do teeth stain?

Unfortunately, we’re not all equal when it comes to our teeth, and the same applies to their shade. In fact, several factors are responsible for alterations in the shade of our teeth:

  • Heredity: variable natural tooth color
  • Age: teeth become darker with age
  • Pathologies: taking tetracyclines or fluoride tablets in excess during the tooth formation period, dental trauma,…
  • Lifestyle: consumption of coffee, tea, wine or tobacco, insufficient hygiene,…

What should I do before I undergo tooth whitening?

Before any teeth whitening, 2 steps are absolutely essential to minimize potential side effects:

  • A consultation with a dentist to make a preliminary diagnosis of the causes of staining and carry out a complete oral checkup
  • A scaling – polishing to remove any external staining as well as plaque and dental tartar beforehand

WARNING!!! Some toothpastes claiming a whitening action contain abrasive substances and should only be used with caution.

Tooth whitening process

At our dental center, tooth whitening is performed using hydrogen peroxide-based products. These products contain or locally release hydrogen peroxide, which has an oxidizing effect and enables pigmented tooth substance to be discolored.

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External tooth whitening

External tooth whitening is a general tooth whitening method that can improve tooth shade.

The Balexert dental center offers home bleaching with a bleaching tray. It can be performed day or night, and lasts an average of 2 weeks under the supervision of a dentist. To best meet your expectations, we rarely offer in-office bleaching. This type of bleaching uses highly concentrated products which, in addition to frequently causing considerable sensitivity, are less effective over time and, above all, more expensive.

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Internal tooth whitening

Internal tooth whitening is a whitening method applied to one or a few selected teeth. These teeth usually have a history of root canal removal or accident. Often, after a root canal or accident, the shade of the tooth can change, turning gray or yellow. To remedy this problem, we offer a chairside internal tooth whitening treatment, in just a few sessions, by applying a product – sodium perborate combined with hydrogen peroxide – to the core of the natural dental crown.

As part of its ethical approach, the Centre Médico-Dentaire Balexert recommends that you do not overuse tooth whitening and that you seek professional advice.