Orthodontic emergencies in Geneva

Orthodontic treatment rarely leads to real emergencies.

Orthodontie pour les adultes Geneve

If your device stings or injures you, don’t hesitate to contact our 7/7 center immediately.

More generally, patients are confronted with a variety of situations that can lead to: difficulty adapting, discomfort, deterioration of the appliance…

What can happen after a device is inserted or activated?


Discomfort, discomfort, pain

Sensations of tension can frequently occur after putting the teeth in the mouth or activating braces. These discomforts are usually relieved with a painkiller (paracetamol).

  • Rubbing can also cause mouth ulcers, and the application of wax will relieve the patient.
  • Generally, within a few days, patients manage to acquire new habits for eating, speaking and thus making the treatment go smoothly.


Fitting braces often causes irritation of the oral mucosa (gums, cheeks, lips, tongue) through friction.

The patient will be given a protective orthodontic wax and asked to apply it to the parts of the appliance causing irritation until the discomfort subsides. If ingested, the wax is not dangerous. Mucous membranes will gradually strengthen and become accustomed to the presence of the device.

What complications are encountered during treatment with fixed braces?

Any discomfort at the start of treatment will subside fairly quickly. The information provided by our qualified staff when the braces are fitted will enable you to live with peace of mind during the first few days of treatment, and to solve any problems you may encounter, such as detachments or injuries.

bracket décollé

Loosening a ring or bracket

Generally, no discomfort is felt, and patients only become aware of it during brushing when the ring or bracket moves.

Contact our center immediately to arrange for the bracket to be reattached. If the ring or bracket causes irritation, apply wax to limit irritation and contact our center to arrange for the bracket to be reattached.


No more intermaxillary elastics

If you’ve used up the stock of elastics you received from your orthodontist at the Centre Médico-Dentaire Balexert during your last appointment, drop in without an appointment and make sure you specify the type of elastics you need, or call us and we’ll send you some by post as soon as possible.


Loss of a ligature

Ligatures fix and hold the wire in the groove of each bracket. Ligatures can be partially or completely removed by chewing or brushing.

If the end of the ligature is irritating to the oral mucosa, it can be gently pushed along the arch with the eraser tip of a pencil, or a layer of protective wax can be applied. In all cases, contact our center without delay to arrange for replacement of the ligature.


Protruding wire (arc)

If the wire or bow protrudes from the last ring, it may cause irritation or injury to the mucosa. Try covering it with wax and contact our center for a brief appointment to shorten the bow.

What are the complications of treatment with removable braces?

Pronunciation difficulties encountered with certain types of braces sometimes require several days of adaptation.

Adherence to diet modification advice (avoid nibbling, clean your teeth with your braces on) goes a long way towards making your braces comfortable to wear.

Breakage or loss of braces remains the most frequent complication.