Orthodontic treatment for adults

traitement orthodontique pour adultes à genève

Adult physiology

As with children, orthodontic tooth movement is achieved by light forces from the appliance. Movement is generally slower, as cell renewal is less rapid.

While tooth position can be corrected at any age, jaw position can only be corrected during growth.

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Prerequisites for orthodontic treatment

A full oral and dental check-up must be carried out before treatment begins. Dental care is generally comprehensive and multidisciplinary: hygienist, dentist, periodontologist, implantologist, etc…. It is important to maintain good dental hygiene throughout the treatment period. Any cavities must also be treated before treatment begins. As periodontal disease is more common in adults, the periodontium also needs to be cleaned up in the event of problems. Inadequate periodontal attachment can be a contraindication to orthodontic treatment. It is therefore essential to assess the patient’s oral health before starting orthodontic treatment.

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Invisible orthodontics, a frequent desire of adults

Adults are sometimes reluctant to embark on orthodontic treatment because of long months with unsightly braces. The use of invisible braces (Invisalign, Incognito) is possible, and in some cases offers an aesthetically acceptable solution.