Dental aesthetics: synonymous with self-confidence and well-being!

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But what do we mean by dental aesthetics?

  • Teeth shade
  • Gum health
  • The position and alignment of teeth
  • Teeth quality

What is cosmetic dental treatment?

Aesthetic dental treatments affect the shape, shade, position and/or supporting tissues of the teeth. All aesthetic treatments must also be functional and free of over-treatment (i.e. unnecessary intervention on a tooth). Their aim is to :

  • Restore the natural appearance of an unpleasant smile
  • Improve the natural appearance of an initially unsightly smile

The various aesthetic dental treatments

Composite esthetique

Correction of congenital or accidental dental malformations, using composite resins or fixed prostheses (crowns, veneers, etc.).


Tooth shade improvement through bleaching

For more information on tooth whitening, follow the link below.

Implant dentaire

Replacement of missing teeth with dental implants or removable appliances (dentures)

Avant après orthodontie

Orthodontic correction of tooth positioning

At the Centre Médico-Dentaire Balexert, we carry out all aesthetic dental treatments, ensuring the best possible functionality and favoring the most conservative approach possible without over-treatment. All aesthetic dental treatments are carried out with the highest ethical standards.